Anne of Craicor – Fashion Wear Labels

This collection of fashion labels has been carefully selected by the Anne of Craicor team.  The designers mainly manufacture their garments in natural fibres.  The styles represent a smart casual lifestyle. These fashions can be dressed up for a special occasion or worn casually – garments that suit our lifestyle in Northland.

We not offer these garments on line.  We often only buy one of a size as we like to think our customers have an exclusive look when shopping in our store.


Lania the Label: for the sophisticated, modern woman.

Newport: Classic, feminine stylish fashions.

Macjays: Minimal contemporary looks for busy lifestyles.

Vassalli: where impeccable quality meets affordability.

Yarra Trail: Make life One Long Weekend.

Bridge & Lord: Knitwear manufactured in superior yarns.

Knewe: Enjoy every season with class, comfort and style.

Z & P: Colourful ready-to-wear knitwear, beautiful soft yarns.

Elm: Effortless everyday style.

NYD Jeans: the original slimming jeans.

Lula Soul & Lula Life: everyday vacation brands. Vibrant patterns and prints.

Jump: A modern and contemporary lifestyle brand.

Knewe Bartho Jacket Olive K6016
Lania Club Sweater Blush NLA3003
Lania Dame Shirt NLA3034 White
Lania Domain Jacket Sage NLA3059
Vassalli 5439 100% wool pants
Vassalli 100% wool, pants and zip jacket
Newport Alissa 100% Merino Tunic NP26055
Newport Granger 100% Merino Jumper Soft Pink NP26066
Newport Ireland 100% Merino Dress NP25990
Newport Iris 100% Merino Hoodie Black NP26053
Newport Sovereign Top Brush Print NP25891


RAYON OR VISCOSE: These yarns are the same. It is known as Rayon in the USA, Viscose in the UK and Europe.
Rayon/Viscose is NOT Synthetic. It is made from wood pulp a naturally occurring cellulose based raw material. Rayon is a soft comfortable cloth and is the most absorbent of all cellulose fibers – even more so than cotton and linen. It is the coolest fabric to wear.

MODAL: is a cellulose fabric made up of wood pulp from the beech tree. Modal only uses beech wood. It is essentially a section of the viscose/rayon family that is acquired from a variety of trees. It has the same properties as rayon.
COTTON: a natural fiber made from the cotton bush. 100% cotton garments tend to wrinkle and must be ironed. Cotton can shrink the first time it is washed. Look for pre shrunk cotton fabrics. Lower quality cottons are prone to pilling.
BAMBOO COTTON: is regenerated cellulosic fiber. It is very soft and has excellent moisture absorption and ventilation qualities. Natural antibacterial (bamboo-kun) keep bacteria away from the fabric. It is eco friendly and biodegradable.
SILK: is made from the fibers of the cocoon of the Chinese Silkworm. It is spun into smooth, shiny, sleek fabric. Silk absorbs moisture making it cool to wear in summer and warm in winter.
WOOL: comes from animal’s coats. It is cozy and warm and will absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling damp. It has very little shine or sheen. The finer wool yarns that have been carded well are not scratchy to wear.
POLYESTER: is a man made fabric chemically based. It is strong and resistant to creasing. Polyester garments keep their shape well. Often polyester is blended with cotton to help cotton keep its shape or memory. It is the easiest fabric to wash and does not require ironing.