Anne of Craicor
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Fashion by Anne of Craicor

This collection of fashion labels has been carefully selected by the Anne of Craicor team.  The designers mainly manufacture their garments in natural fibres.  The styles represent a smart casual lifestyle. These fashion items can be dressed up for a special occasion or worn casually.

Bridge & Lord V Neck Pullover with Rib BL4619


Bridge & Lord V Pullover with Plait BL4607


Elm Tilly Denim Jacket 81D1243


Vassalli Merino Zip-Up Hooded Jacket 4437


Bridge & Lord Wrap Topper BL4633


Vassalli Merino V-Neck Top Ink 4433


Bridge & Lord Milano Coatigan BL4616


Vassalli Merino Top with Frill Neck 4431


Vassalli Pinwale Cord Denim Jacket 4051M


Vassalli Envelope Neck Long Sleeve Top 4443S


Vassalli Slim Leg Full Length Jean 9901


Fields Cable Quarter Zip Pullover FK4007