How long should my Bra last?
Interesting question.
Please consider:
* How many bras do you own?
* Of those how many do you wear?
* How often do you launder your bras?
Care instructions are on all bras, it pays to read these.
The best washing method is to wash by hand, however with the busy lifestyle most lead this is often not practicable.
The general rule is:
* Always use a laundry bag.
* Put the bra in the bag with hooks done up.
* Wash on a delicate warm cycle using a mild detergent.

* Bleach lingerie.
* Use hot water.
* Put lingerie in a dryer or over a heated towel rail, this breaks down the lycra.
Padded, moulded and contoured bras are best hand washed as it will help them retain the shape.

Why should I wear a good fitting Bra?
The breast does not contain any muscle. It is made up of ligaments, fat and skin. The ligaments are called the Coopers Ligaments.
Once these ligaments are stretched they cannot be restored unless you undergo surgery.
70% of women wear the wrong size bra!
Correctly fitted lingerie is a sound investment. Not only is it more comfortable to wear it enhances your body shape achieving the best possible look.
Sports Bras: are designed to support the bust during exercise. There is an extensive range of sports bras for all types of activities. These are graded as Sport Factor 1,2 & 3.
SF 1 is for low impact sports – walking, yoga, Pilates.
SF2 is for medium impact sports – rowing, cycling, gardening.
SF3 is for high impact sports – Netball, hockey, tennis, jogging, horse riding.
Often a sports bra will feature straps that can be crossed at the back, this offers more support minimising bounce.
Strapless Bras: these need to fit perfectly to prevent the bra slipping down. Most women require a cup size bigger than usual when choosing a strapless bra. The bra must fit the bust. Ensure the bra has silicone around the edges. This improves the fit and comfort.
Some common symptoms’ and reasons your bra is not comfortable:
1. Bra rides up Bra too big round the torso or cup too small.
2. Bulging underarm Cup too small.
3. Bulging over the top of bra Cup too small.
4. Under wires dig in under arm Bra too big around torso.
Understanding sizes: Bras are sized for around the body and for your bosom size. E.g. size 12/ indicates your torso measurement cup sizes are B, C,D, etc.
If a bra fits you around your torso but too small in the cup, go up a cup size only.