Aris Prosthesis Bras by Trulife

Made of 100% MEDICAL GRADE SILICON- The silicon when worn against the skin delivers a therapeutic effect- it conditions the skin as well as reduces scarring from surgery.

They are @ 45% lightweight- one of the lightest full breastform on the market

The Sublime stays COOLER than any other breastform (even ones with cooling technology)- see attached

The Sublime stays FRESHER than any other form- There is less moisture build up over time with this silicon form- see attached.

The silicon GRIPS against the chest wall – it doesn’t slip around and stays in place between the chest wall and the bra -cup.
Ideally made to be worn with regular bras.

When worn in a pocketed bra- the form can be placed in its cover first to make inserting/ removal easier- still with the lightweight benefit.
To insert/ remove without the cover- one needs to use the whole hand to guide. Without the cover the form will grip to the inside of the bra/pocket and will not slip around like other forms.

The Medical Grade Silicon is ANTIBACTERIAL.
So daily the front of form only needs to be wiped.
Weekly- just wash in soapy water, then pat dry on an old towel- leave upside down overnight to remove any water drops.

Sublime can be dried with a hairdryer to dry quicker- heat will not affect the silicon.

The form can also be used for infrequent swimming- chlorine/ salt will not damage- just was after use.  It will fill up with water and be heavy in the swimsuit- so that’s why the Activeflow is suggested for frequent swimmers