Anne of Craicor
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Breast care and Mastectomy Service

Knowing that our customers deserve the best we strive to stock a comprehensive range of natural breast forms and pocketed bras. We recognise that every woman is different and stock a wide selection of shapes and styles. We understand the importance of restoring confidence, self esteem and ultimately a better quality of  life for women following breast surgery.  Breast cancer affects woman of different shapes, sizes and backgrounds, we offer a judgement free, friendly, private area to make you feel comfortable and welcome.  You can bring a support person or a member of your whanau with you.

How do we fit you ?:  If you have had a mastectomy on one side only we fit your natural breast in a good fitting pocketed bra. From our large selection of prostheses or breast forms, we choose a form to match your natural shape.

This form goes into the pocket in your bra, which holds it firmly in place.

If you have undergone a bi-lateral operation, you can choose what size you would like to be, taking into consideration your body size. 

A firmly supportive bra with 2 prostheses forms will restore your natural shape.

Ministry of Health subsidy rates:  A woman who has undergone surgery on one side only is entitled to $613.33 every four years, a bi lateral is entitled to $1226.66 every four years. This subsidy can be used for bras, prostheses and mastectomy swimwear.

More here: MOH Breast Prosthesis Subsidy

To Make an Appointment: For your first fitting we ask you make an appointment by calling us 09-4017295 or emailing us [email protected].  Once you are entered into our system and registered with the Ministry of Health you can shop with us either in store or online for further garments.

What you need to bring:

You will be given a “Medical Certificate for Breast Prostheses Subsidy” when you leave hospital, please bring this with you. We need to submit this to the Ministry of Health with your first claims